Trufoods Manufacturing: A Tradition of Innovation

Established in 1958, TRUFOODS LTD meets the need of both farmers and consumers alike. We’ve always been at the forefront of innovation, pioneering new processes and techniques. Looking to the future, we’re ready to meet our customer’s preferences.

Our commitment to providing safe and healthy products to our consumers while remaining on the cutting edge of modern production techniques begins with securing the highest quality raw materials and continues with our state-of-the-art production facilities. Trufoods employs the latest technologies available to ensure the integrity of its products throughout the production cycle. Thorough inspection and on line quality controls are conducted before product packaging to ensure only quality and safe products gets into the primary packaging. The filled/ packed product undergoes stringent quality & stability checks before release to the market.

We have developed strategic partnerships with leading global suppliers to acquire state-of-the-art technologies and fully automate our plants. Accordingly, all of our processing lines operate under the best global production practices and quality standards, which have awarded the company international certificates of recognition and accreditation.

We have a good distribution network, which gives us the best knowledge base possible of what it takes to bring value to the customer. We love what we do, and we endeavour to make you love what you eat.

Through the years, Trufoods has forged strong relations with farmers across Kenya to ensure that the raw materials are of high quality, traceability and as per best farm practices that are sustainable. This has guaranteed us to always deliver “tru” farm fresh taste in products while creating economic opportunities for our local communities through incentive farming.

Quality From the farm

Farming is a vital part of the global food system and it plays a key role in sustainability of a country’s economy. In Trufoods, our products are made from raw materials (Fruits, vegetables, groundnuts, grains, Chilies) that are grown by farmers who work closely with the company’s agronomist. We are deeply committed to selecting only quality ingredients that respect our commitment to sustainability, both social and environmental.

Quality During processing

Trufoods is synonymous with quality food. Our belief in providing products that satisfy and gratify is envisioned in our tagline Life’s Variety and
producing consistent and high quality products is what differentiates Trufoods from the competition and creates a sustainable business.

Our Quality Pledge

We pledge that quality will always be our main objective and our sole promise to our consumers. We utilize cultured management techniques, advanced technologies and highly trained personnel in every aspect of our business. We continually invest in these areas to ensure that every process, every machine and every employee produces the highest quality work. We promise to deliver compliant, precise, repeatable results — on time.

To further leverage our promise, we place intense focus on Food Safety. In 2017, Trufoods was recognized for its full implementation of the international Standard on Food Safety ISO 22000:2005 and as part of this initiative, mandatory quality, safety and regulatory standards were established for all our products, facilities and employees. The standards elevate the commitment to quality and food safety and have been validated by external audits.

Quality and Safety at its Best

“Trufoods is a market leader in the production and marketing of Region’s most cherished food and high-quality grocery brands for over 60 Years. With the promise of nutritious and quality products, Trufoods has genuinely continued to uphold her reputation for bringing tasty goodness to East Africa and beyond and even more Trufoods has embraced a Food Safety Culture to help protect customers from Food-borne illnesses.”

Our heritage is keeping our promises to our customers. Some of the values dear to us are; Quality, Consistency, and Innovation.

You can trust that any of our products that you enjoy is the result of a modern production process that is closely monitored, to ensure that they always meet your high standards.

Thanks to our long standing relationship with local farmers, most of the raw materials that go into your chosen Trufoods brand have been hand-picked from the cream of the crop, and are delivered to us fresh.

These are some of the exceptional qualities that make us your choice.

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Our Tru Brands

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