In the Beginning

Our story begins 60 years ago on Donholm road (currently Jogoo road) just before independence; the late Dr. Jayantilal Nemchad Shah had just graduated with PhD. (food science) and joined the family business, then Pure Foods. There was no fruit processing facility and acres of produce were going to waste.

1958 TRUFOODS was Born

Established in 1958, Trufoods set its pace by contract manufacturing for some of the largest multinationals involved in agribusiness such as Brooke Bond. Over the years, Trufoods took a bold step into the world of ‘in the kitchen’ and ‘on the table’ brands specifically for the Kenyan and later into the East African market.


Acquisition of Kabazi canners in Nakuru. A factory for canning vegetables e.g. Baked beans in tomato sauce, sweet corn, tomato paste, garden peas, chick peas, Under Kenylon brand name, which was a product created from the fuse between Trufoods and Kabazi Canners in 1964. The companies worked together but continued to operate independently. The two companies carried out continuous research for the sake of adding other products under the two popular brands; Zesta and Kenylon. With all this, the two ensured that they created strong ties with local farmers which resulted in our ‘grow local agriculture’ initiative; in addition, sufficient amount of raw materials were readily available for a steady growth in demand.


Proudly started production of fruit juices under Zesta, Trufru & Hey Ho. It is through this step that the company produced and marketed jam under the well-known, Zesta brand. This was warmly accepted into the market and soon Trufoods expanded its offers by making fruit juices, tomato sauces and other products like Icing Sugar, Baking Powder amongst many others.

From here, Trufoods delved deeper into offering a wide range of market leading jams, canned vegetables, sauces, peanut butter and many other products that continued leading the market.


With growing market demand for drinking chocolate & cocoa, Trufoods acquired some of the well known brands like Choco Primo, Energade, Golden Brew & Mamandazi from Cartlon Products Ltd.

2009 Going Far And Beyond

Trufoods receives Industry Innovation award for the best food manufacturing firm. In 2009, we consolidated our production at a common facility which was well intended to drive product quality, product demand and thru better efficiency. As we continue to expand our product offering and embracing new technologies and machinery, we aim to move all our production to a new, state of the art facility as part of our plan to meet rising demand for all our products and unmatched product quality.


As part of our endeavour to increase production capacity in line with growing demand for Trufoods products, we invested in 2 state of the art jam production lines and another one for tomato paste production right from blending to packing in situ.


Awarded international accreditation in Food Safety management systems ISO 22000 – 2005

Currently, Zesta jam is the market leader in 4 African markets. These are; Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Zambia while Kenylon continues to grow popularity in the region.

Going far and Beyond

Currently, Zesta jam is the market leader in 4 African markets. These are; Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Zambia while... [More]

Tru to Our Word

Trufoods is a market leader in production and marketing of the Region's most cherished food and grocery brands for over 50 Years... [More]

Core values

Customer driven, committed to quality, efficiency and innovation, trust, integrity and teamwork, be mindful of our... [More]

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