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Zesta Mango is one among our most popularly used jams. Its rich fruity taste makes it a perfect spread and unique add to any of your favorite meals with relatively low sugar and additional nutritious benefits found in the Mango fruit, the jam is a healthy adventure for you and your family.

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Mango Jam

The Jam comes in a pale yellow thick form with a great characteristic taste and flavor of mango fruit.

(Typical values per 100g)
Energy kcal 338.15
Fats g <0.1(traces)
Carbohydrates g 82.72
Dietray fibres g 0.6
Proteins g 1.39
vitamins c mg 7.14

Fruit pulp
Citric acid
Mango essence
Purified water

Mango Fruit Jam is currently available in 500g only.

Zesta Mango Jam
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