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Unlike the cocoa version, Choco Primo contains a relative amount of cocoa butter (from its natural cocoa powder state) with a sweetener added to it for an even more delicious taste. The nutritious and healthy drinking chocolate comes in jars and satchets.

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Choco Primo

A semi sweet light brown chocolate powder with natural characteristic of chocolate flavor.

  • Fat 3.57g
  • Protein 7.32
  • Carbohydrates 82.24g
  • Fiber 1.80g
  • Sugar 72.50g
  • Energy kcal 390.37g,
  • Vitamin A mg 0.04g
  • Vitamin b1mg 0.04g
  • Vitamin b2mg 0.05g
  • Vitamin cmg 2.90g
  • Tollic acids mg 31.88g
  • Iron mg 0.52g

5g, 10g, 20g, 50g, 100g (SACHETS)
100g, 200g,400g (JARS)

Choco Primo Rich Drinking Chocolate
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