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Cocoa Primo is uniquely processed natural cocoa powder (with little to no cocoa butter) as it is removed during the processing stage. It also undergoes through a process reffered to as "Dutched" that assist in making the cocoa lighter and less bitter which is its natural state after processing of cacao beans.

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Cocoa Primo

A Natural dutched cocoa powder that is lighter and less bitter than in its natural taste.

  • Fat 8.76g
  • Protein 17.47
  • Carbohydrates 59.42g
  • Energy kcal 400.48g
  • Vitamin A mg 0.01g
  • Vitamin b1mg 0.01g
  • Vitamin b2mg 0.01g
  • Calcium mg 23.1,
  • Iron mg 0.35g

5g, 10g, 20g (SACHETS)
100g, 200g,400g (JARS)
3kg (BAG)

Cocoa primo 400g
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